How To Create A Georgian Doll House

A Georgian doll house is the grandest type of doll house. Georgian houses are large with big windows and large rooms; they have classic architecture and a very grand look. These houses are much more common in the UK than they are in the USA where houses seem to be based more on Victorian architecture.

Georgian Style

There were three main themes in the Georgian period which can be seen in Georgian houses: Greece and Rome, Terraces and Town Houses, Palladianism and Country Houses.

Palladianism was a philosophy of design based on the writings and work of an Italian architect who tried to recreate the style of ancient Roman buildings. Palladian style comprises grace, understanding of decorative elements and the use of order in a design. You can see this in the Georgian doll house, the design is very uniform and symmetrical with straight lines and a lot of structure to the design.

During the Georgian period the rich started to put a lot of money into their homes and a lot of grand country houses appeared. If you want a large dolls house than a grand county Georgian residence like the one below would be perfect.

If you want a big, grand doll house then a Georgian house really is the way to go. I have hand picked four of the Best Georgian Houses I have come across (two from the UK and two from the USA)and featured them below:

Georgian Doll House Available In The UK

I love this house! It is grand and imposing and has eight huge rooms inside. Back in the days when I ran a dolls house shop I built one of these for a customer and when I was finished I wished I could keep it it was so beautiful. The curved windows right the way through the design are quite unique, you don't find them on many doll houses. There is also a balcony with doors that open out onto it. One of my favorite features is the sweeping staircase that sweeps right the way up the center of the house. This house comes in a kit and is very simple to put together and is available at an unbeatable discounted price from Laura Anne Dolls Houses.

to take a look!

Georgian Doll House Available In The USA

There are very few true Georgian style doll houses available in the USA and of the few available this one is one of my favorite's. Georgian houses tend to be symmetrical and this house is exactly that, what is on one side is replicated on the other. There are some really nice details like classic Palladian scroll work above the windows and door and a chunky wooden staircase with big bannisters inside. There are six big rooms inside and some even have built in fireplaces and bookcases that would have been found in Georgian times. This house comes as a kit and is a pleasure to put together.

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Georgian Doll House Available In The UK

This house is a fantastic house. It stands just short of a meter high and boasts six huge main rooms, an attic that runs the whole length of the house, and a central hallway that is is so large each floor could be used as an extra reception room. The outside of the house is painted a creamy white colour and there are actual wooden tiles on the roof. The inside of the house is papered with wood paper so you need do nothing to it. There is a grand spiral staircase that leads right up to the top floor and side windows that let in more light. There is minimal assembly required that a novice could do very easily.

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Georgian Doll House Available In The USA

This doll house is a wonderful house. It comes fully painted externally and wallpapered inside. It has six large exquisitely decorated rooms and a grand central staircase that sweeps up three floors. It is nicknamed the deluxe house for very good reason. Rooms and hallways are beautifully wallpapered and decorated with more than 41 pieces of furniture and accessories; doors and second-level windows open and close and stylish facade includes columns and rails. This is an Heirloom quality doll house. There is minimal assembly required that a novice could do very easily.

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If you want to find out about other types of doll house why not look at our information on Victorian, Tudor and Modern dolls houses or if you have decided that a Georigan dolls house is for you take a look at our section on choosing your Georgian doll house

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