Greenleaf Doll House

The Greenleaf doll house collection is one of the best collections of doll house kits you will find. Their kits are full of detail, very comprehensive and very good quality. The kits range in complexity with some being perfect for a beginner if you are just starting out in the hobby while others are wonderful to take on as a project you can take care over and enjoy.

We have reviewed each of the Greenleaf kits below. Some kits are suitable only for adult collectors but many can be used by children as long as they are put together by an adult or as a project you can do with your child.

Click on the images for details of each house.

Haunted House
Creekside Cabin

For more information on choosing the right doll house for you Click Greenleaf doll house

We have lots of information on doll house kits other than Greenleaf. Greenleaf are one of the best but there are a few others you may want to look at before making your choice.

In each of our reviews we note how difficult or easy a kit is to build and how long it will take you. If you are new to the hobby make sure you don't go for a kit that is beyond your difficulty level. You can always build up to a more complicated kit later.

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