Hand Made Cloth Dolls

Hand made cloth dolls are one of the easiest types of doll to make for your doll house. Cloth dolls are usually roughly made so it doesn’t matter if you make mistakes or aren’t very good at sewing. You can make the designs as simple as you like simply cutting a pattern out of one sheet of fabric.

Cloth Doll

If you want to have a look at some unique cloth dolls and also get some free patterns visit www.paulasdollhouse.net. Paula creates and designs her own cloth dolls and has everything from faeries to mermaids and Santa Clause dolls.

Cloth dolls are great fun to make and perfect for the kids. They are soft for little ones to play with and you can make any number of characters for your little ones. If they have a favourite story why not create the characters from the story so they can play with them in their dolls house.

You can find lots of cloth dolls available for sale in craft fairs and craft shops. Many craft shops stock hand made dolls created by artisans from the local area. These are always unique and nice to collect.

For information on other types of doll Click hand made cloth dolls

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