Handmade Miniature Teapots

Jacqueline Dunn is a Scottish miniature artist who specialises in handmade miniature teapots and miniature accessories.

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Miniature Teapot

Jackie works in 1/12th scale, 1/24th scale, and 1/48th scale.  

Her creations are hand-sculpted from polymer clay and mixed media, and no moulds or cutters are used. Three coats of lacquer are applied to assure a polished finish. Each piece she makes is filled with detail and made with love. As you can see from the pictures featured here Jackie's work is incredibly detailed and truely unique.

All thehandmade miniature teapots except 1/48th scale, is hollow and has a removable lid and is a unique design. No two of Jackie's designs are quite the same and you can be sure that you are truely getting a unique miniature.

Jackie's miniatures are favourites of doll house collectors worldwide and her items have become so popular that many creations sell for hundreds of pounds.

Message from the creator of doll-house-miniature-club.com Laura Neal

Jackie's miniatures really are remarkable, the attention to detail and uniqueness of each item is breathtaking. You simply can't get this kind of detail in commercial items, and infact with many hadmade items. Only a true artist can produce such fine quality.

To view Jackie's Teapots on Ebay Click Here
Miniature Teapot

Jackie does a great deal of research to make her tiny creations. “I am always watching animals and studying their different poses.” She reads a large number of books and finds great ideas at her local museums, The National Museum of Scotland and the Museum of Childhood. When there, she makes a lot of notes and sketches. Jackie gets many ideas from her children and from Celtic fairy tales. “Inspiration comes when I am walking and, most of all, when I am in my studio by the sea in Barra.” The longest time Jackie remembers spending on a single creation was a pair of antique style five-arm, very ornate candelabras. “I just love detail.”

About Jacqueline Dunn

In her early forties, Jackie is an easy-going, hard-working person. She recently finished a HND (Higher National Diploma) in Scottish Gaelic, a two-year academic program. She enjoys life, loves animals, nature, and being outdoors. Along with her husband Allan, three children, and Mara “a very clever Border Collie,” home is in the area of Liberton, Scotland. On the outskirts of Edinburgh, they live just five minutes away from the lively centre of the city. “We are lucky enough to have a great view of the castle and the Pentland Hills.”

Allan and Jackie have a second home (croft) on the isle of Barra, a stronghold of Gaelic culture and language. The croft is situated in the small township of Cleit. “We go to Barra three times a year, a total of four months,“ Jackie says. “At the top of the croft, we are renovating an old family croft house.” While Allan is working on the house, Jackie is busy creating miniatures in her studio by the shore at the bottom of the croft. The studio has an amazing panoramic view over the Atlantic Ocean.

Jackie's Handmade Miniature Teapots

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