Hello Kitty Doll House

Hello Kitty Doll House

There are several Hello Kitty doll house toys available this one is the Victorian doll house. There is also the light up dream house and the mini dollhouse.

I have not heard a bad review about the Hello Kitty collection. Kids seem to love them. They are all made of plastic but are priced accordingly and aren’t very expensive. Each set comes complete with characters and furniture which means you don’t have to worry about purchasing any more items. Most of the houses are also made so they are easy to transport with carry handles.

Take a look at one mums review of the Hello Kitty Victorian house:

This has everything my daughter loves without any wasted extras. Cute kitties, essential furniture (but not enough that stuff will get lost,) and a few buttons that make short sound effects that aren't annoying (a doorbell, a bird chirping, etc.) There's a latch to hold it closed and a carrying handle. It actually works well with the Fisher Price Sweet Streets sets--they are the Kitties neighbors in our playroom. We've only had it for a few days, but it seems pretty durable (for a girl to play with, maybe not for a boy.)

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