"The Imaginarium Doll House Range Are Strong, Stable Wooden Houses For Girls Who Love Barbie"

The Imaginarium doll house collection has been designed especially for Barbie sized dolls. They are large houses with a sturdy wood construction that stands up to heavy handed play and are beautiful in color and design.

The Imaginarium range is perfect for little girls who love to play with Barbies or Bratz dolls but can be a bit rough (just like my little girl). Unlike plastic houses these wooden doll houses are made to last meaning parents love them just as much as the kids.

There are currently two houses in the Imaginarium doll house range; the So Suite Dollhouse and the Glamour Dollhouse. Details on each of these houses are below:

Designer Dollhouse

This is a really funky doll house with brightly decorated walls and floors. This house is perfect for the funky Bratz dolls as well as Barbie.

  • Sturdy - Made from wood the Glamour doll house is sturdy enough even for my little girl who loves to bash everything. If you want a doll house that will last you can't go wrong with an Imaginarium doll house.
  • Big - This house has six big rooms and is over 1.3 meters (that's 4.25 feet) tall. Taller than most little girls.
  • Gadgets - A fun addition to this house is its lights and sounds. Mirrors, lights, kitchen appliances and furniture make noises and light up. This is a little added extra that children these days love.
  • Assembly - This house does need some assembly but is very basic and any parent can knock this up on Christmas Eve or before a birthday.
  • Furniture - The house actually comes with all the furniture included which I found great when giving it as a gift because the kids can play right away with no fuss.
  • Drawbacks - There was only one thing I didn't like about this house and that was that it doesn't have any stairs. This does mean there is more room on each floor but my daughter does enjoy ramming dolls up staircases.

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So Suite Dollhouse

This doll house has a traditional princess like feel to it with its light colors and fairy tale windows.

  • Big - Not quite as big as the Glamour doll house but still huge this house is 3 and half feet (just over 1 meter) tall. It is big enough for two or three children to play at one time.
  • Sturdy - This house if anything is more sturdy than the Glamour doll house, the upper floor verandah and internal stairs give it extra stability. It can be bashed about and moved without damage. It is made from wood.
  • For a Princess - We all like to think of our little angels as Princesses and if your little girl has a Princess theme to her bedroom this house will fit right in. It has great attention to detail in the decoration which is all done in pastel colors and the side staircase really makes it feel like the home of a little Princess.
  • Assembly - This house does need some assembly but is very basic and any parent can knock this up on Christmas Eve or before a birthday.
  • Furniture - The So Suite dollhouse comes with furniture including a roll top bath, chaise lounge and lilac bed. There is enough furniture to keep your little ones happy so you don't have to worry about getting furniture to fit in.
  • Drawbacks - The only criticism I have of this house is that there are only four rooms. I would like to see five or six but it does have the top floor patio which does act as another room.

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