KidKraft Designer Dollhouse

Kidkraft Designer Dollhouse

The Kidkraft designer dollhouse is perfect if your little girl wants a modern Barbie house that is full of color. It is a wooden Barbie sized doll house and comes complete with 11 pieces of wooden furniture. The house is very solid and stable and suitable for several children to play.

Packed with bright, colorful design elements, this wooden dollhouse definitly brings doll play into the modern age! The Designer Dollhouse includes 3 levels with 4 rooms of open space. Dolls can sleep in the bedroom, lounge in the living room, and much more! Two curved staircases transport your childs dolls from level to level. 11 pieces of furniture are also included for decoration. The Designer Dollhouse is large enough for multiple children can play at once!

The house does come flat pack but is very simple for even a novice to put together and won't take more than an hour.

This house is available in the USA, UK, Australia and Canada

To take a look and find out where you can get this house for a discount price:

Click Here If You Live in The USA

Click Here If You are In The UK

Click Here If You are In Australia

Click Here If You are In Canada

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