Majestic Barbie Dollhouse

Majestic Barbie House

The majestic Barbie dollhouse is one of the larger wooden Barbie houses available. It stands at a grand 1.35 meters tall so will be taller than your little girl.

The Majestic has eight rooms plus a garage. The rooms are decorated on pretty pink and pastal colours with background pictures for each room. The garage has opening doors.

There is also an elevator that travels between the second floor and third floor.

The Majestic comes complete with 34 pieces of furniture and accessories which is enough furniture to furnish the house.

This house has received five star reviews from parents.

This house is currently available in the USA, UK and Canada

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Review Comments from Parents

I searched for the perfect dollhouse for my daughter before I ordered this one. In comparison to all the other ones this one is by far the best deal.

I think it is really fabulous!! I am about 5'8" and the top of the house comes up to my collar bone. It is really big with more than enough room for my 3 daughters to play Barbie dolls and such. The furniture pieces are really sturdy, and I am really excited to give it to them from Santa.

I bought this dollhouse for my two year old for christmas this year 2010 and she Loves it! It is all wood with all wood durable accessories. She plays with is everyday. It encourages imaginative play,it is cute and it will grow with her. It needs to be anchored to the wall to prevent tipping.

Majestic Barbie Dollhouse

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