Make A Doll House

If you want to make a doll house there are a few options available to you. You could build a house from scratch, designing it yourself, you could work from a plan or you could build the house from a kit. The easiest option is to build from a kit but if you want something really unique and personal to you building from a plan or designing a house yourself can be best.

Dolls houses are not easy things to build and there are a lot of considerations you should make before getting started. The scale of the house is important. The majority of dolls houses are 1/12th scale but many people these days want doll houses that will fit their little girls Barbie dolls and these houses are much bigger.

If you want lighting in your doll house you really need to consider this before you start building to make sure you don’t run into problems down the line. The same goes for decoration. Nearly all decoration is done when the house is built but if you want any special features in the rooms like built in fire places you need to consider this before you start building.

For more information on building your doll house and what you should do first visit our doll house building pages Click make a doll house

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