Kids Miniature Doll House Accessory

Kids Doll House Accessories

Normal miniature doll house accessory ranges are not really suitable for children. Doll house accessories are all very small and most of them are very delicate and break easily. They look lovely to display and sit in a grand doll house but not to play with.

If you want some accessories for your little girls dolls house that she can play with and have fun then it is best to go for accessories especially made fro children. There are quite a lot of brightly coloured accessories made from wood available that are totally safe to play with and they usually cost a lot less than your average doll house accessory.

Some of the best accessories for children are made by Plan Toys. They are chunky and made of wood like the ones pictured above and are usually painted nice bright colours. Plan Toys do quite a few accessory sets including household accessories for modern houses, outdoor play accessories, bathroom accessories and lots of kitchen bits including pots, pans and food.

To have a look what Plan Toys have to offer Click Here

For more information on kids doll houses and furniture Click miniature doll house accessory

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