Miniature Doll Molds

You can make your own doll house dolls using miniature doll molds. Miniature dolls can be quite hard to carve out of clay unless you are very artistic but by using a doll mold nearly anyone can make their own unique doll.

Doll Mold

Molds can be used in one of two ways. You can either pour a ceramic based solution into the mold and allow it to set or you can use sculpury clay and push it into the mold. If you use sculpury you will have to coat the inside of the mold with a little vegetable oil or Vaseline first so that once the clay is dry you can prise the mold off.

There are several places where you can get doll molds. Good doll house shops as well as some craft shops will stock them. You can also get them online from They have a very good selection including molds for ladies, men and children. These molds can be used to make dolls using fimo which you may have used to make other miniatures.

For more information on doll house dolls Click miniature doll molds

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