My Size Barbie

My Size Barbie

The My Size Barbie Doll Twin Pack contains a life size Barbie doll and identical clothes, shoes and jewellery for your little girl to wear. Your little girl can really become Barbie’s twin and she will have great fun having a sister that thinks and plays like she does.

The doll has movable legs which use swing action so she can walk along with you. As a parent you may remember similar dolls from when you were younger. This stype of doll has been around for years. What makes Barbie really special is that she comes with two sets of clothes, shoes and accessories so your little girl can be Barbie's twin.

Here is what one mum had to say:I bought this life size barbie doll for my 4 year old daughter. My daughter loves the doll and plays with it daily, I feel the doll encourages roll play and the use of imagination that so many toys lack these days.

This doll is available for a discounted price from, to find out more Click Here

For more Barbie information Click My Size Barbie

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