Period Doll House

When building a period doll house you can choose to have a doll house from a particular period in time. You could theme your doll house around a particular era like the Victorian of Georgian era.

Tudor Doll House Doll houses themed on the Tudor period have become very popular recently because of their unique ornate ness and quirky charm. These houses with their wooden beams and leaded windows are a pleasure to make and display and are a really wonderful example of the period doll house.

Victorian Doll Houses

The Victorian period is one of the most popular. Victorian wooden doll houses offer large rooms, character and their furniture is decorative, the Victorians showed their wealth by their possession's cramming as much into a room as possible. This is great for miniature collectors, you can have as much furniture and ornaments in a Victorian dolls house as you like and it will not look out of place.

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Georgian Doll Houses

Georgian doll houses are the most common form of wooden doll houses and the one you will come across most. They are popular because they are large and attractive. The Georgian period was very much influenced by classical architecture and is often called neoclassical style. There were three main themes: Greece and Rome, Terraces and Town Houses, Palladianism and Country Houses.

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Tudor Doll Houses

Tudor wooden doll houses are absolutely wonderful display pieces. They are very attractive from the outside and replicate real Tudor houses very well. Tudor dolls houses are definitely for collectors.

The image of a Tudor house is one of a white building encased in black timbers. The roof would be covered with thatch, tiles or slate. Inside the homes would have wood paneled walls which were sometimes arranged into decorative patterns. The ceilings would be bare timber or sometimes the rafters would be concealed with plaster.

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