Pregnant Barbie

Pregnant Barbie

Pregnant Barbie has caused a lot of controversy over the last few months. Many parents think she is inappropriate for children.

Well lets take a look - She is in fact not actually Barbie at all but Barbie's best friend Midge. Midge is married to Alan and this is their second Babie.

Midge comes with a detachable magnetic belly that the baby fits inside. While the magnetic belly isn’t the most life-like example for kids, it does allow younger ones to grasp the concept of a baby growing inside mommy. Midge comes dressed in a lavender floral dress, fuchsia heeled mules, pink earrings, and--of course--a wedding ring.

Many parents have commented that they think the doll is inappropriate for young children and that they should not be playing with pregnant toys. I myself actually find the toy harmless and think it would be a nice toy for my little girl to play with when I have my second child. 'A dolly like mummy'.

What ever your opinion the controversy is going to make this doll a saught after collectors addition.

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