Queen Elizabeth Barbie

Queen Elizabeth Barbie

Queen Elizabeth Barbie is the image of Queen Elizabeth I one of the most successful and popular British rulers in history.

Her reign lasted until 1603 and this Elizabethan era was considered a “Golden Age” in English history. Elizabeth’s subjects called her Glorianna and Good Queen Bess, as she was enormously popular.

Elizabeth I liked to wear lavish gowns and opulent jewels and her court featured stylish entertainment. She was beloved during her reign, and, after her death, she became a legend.

Barbie doll pays homage to this extraordinary monarch dressed in a sumptuous gown inspired by Elizabeth I. Elaborate jewelry and a golden headpiece lend an air of regal sophistication.

This doll is no longer available from Mattel. She is highly collectable and is one of the highest priced Barbies I have seen with prices ranging up to $1390.

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