Russia Barbie Doll

Russia Barbie Doll

The Russia Barbie doll wears a traditional Russian gown of the period of Imperial Russia.

The vast and mysterious land of Imperial Russia was ruled by the czar and czarina. Their daughter, the princess, was known as the Grand Duchess. The ruling family of Mother Russia lived in many magnificent palaces and enjoyed untold riches. This glorious historical period is beautifully re-created in the Princess of Imperial Russia Barbie. She wears a traditional Russian gown of the period and her grandmother's crown.

This is a gorgeous doll and great for a young and/or new collector.The faux turquoise jewelry is a wonderful detail.Her facial feautures are lovely.It also gives some interesting historical/cultural information on the back of the box.If you collect barbies she is a nice,not too expensive, addition to your collection.

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