Strawberry Shortcake Games

There are several Strawberry Shortcake games available. Each game involves the characters from strawberry land. Take a look below:

Memory Game

This is a card-matching game that features Stawberry Shortcake and her friends! Whoever has the most matching pairs wins the game! Theres no reading required, so even the youngest ones can play! Click Here to Take A Look!

Stickon Game

First decide which sweet character you want to be. Each playing piece is a portrait of Strawberry Shortcake, Orange Blossom, Angel Cake or Ginger Snap holding an empty tray. Spin the spinner and you can fill your tray with yummy treats. The Colorforms pieces stick like magic! But watch out. That doggie, Pupcake, might eat all your goodies! Click Here to Take A Look!

Princess Strawberry Hide & Seek Game

You pick who you want to be and have cards that have missing items. The items are on pieces that are scattered, upside down, throughout Strawbery Land and you have to find them. What's great is a)it's a memory game, b)it's a quick game, c)for the parents, it doesn't require constant checking of directions or helping with reading. Click Here to Take A Look!

For more Strawberry Shortcake information Click Strawberry Shortcake Games

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