Toy Box Doll House

Toy Box Doll House

This Toy box Doll house from the Toy box collection is a great beginners set. It comes with 14 pieces of doll furniture, 2 dolls and a two story doll house. This traditional doll house has many hours of fun in store for your child.

It is a very basic doll house but is a bargain at under $30 including all the furniture and dolls. It is a good starter house for young children as it is easy to access and there are large pen spaces for them to play with.

This is also a very good travel doll house if you want something to keep your little ones occupied on a trip as it is very light weight. It is suitable for children over three years old.

This is not a large doll house and is made for small dolls which are included with the house. You could also use playmobile size dolls or sulvanian families with this house.

For more information on this doll house Click Here

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