Tudor Doll House Kits

Tudor doll house kits are really wonderful items. They are truly “Old English” and can really capture your imagination and take you back hundreds of years.

If you want to build a doll house in an old English style you can get better than a Tudor doll house. At one time these houses were very hard to come by and there wasn’t much choice at all. There are now a few good kits available and there is much more choice.

If you want to capture the ambience of Tudor times just think of what you could have in your dolls house. Grand four poster carved beds, wall tapestry’s and lots of dark wooden furniture that you could customise yourself.

Take a look at the range of Tudor houses below. We have reviewed each house simply click on the images for more information.


For more information on doll houses Click Tudor doll house kits

We have lots of information on doll houses for children and collectors including instructions on how to build, light and decorate your house successfully. Take a look at the different information in the menu bar to your left. You will be able to see details of lots of different doll houses and other helpful information.

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