How To Create A Victorian Doll House

The Victorian doll house is one of the most popular houses in miniature. The Victorian era was an absolutely wonderful period with fancy houses, furnishings and clothes. Creating a Victorian house is never boring, Victorian houses were packed full of knickknack's so you can fill your dolls house to the brim and it won't look out of place.

Let's get to know a little bit about the Victorian's and how your Victorian doll house should look:

Victorian Style

Victorian style began in the 1830's when the Rococo style was used in furniture and porcelain design. The Rococo style of the 18th-century is characterised by lightness, delicacy, and elaborate ornamentation. In decoration the style is characterised by arabesques, shells, elaborate curves, and asymmetry. Many Victorian pieces are very decorative and you will also notice this decoration in architecture around windows and doorways.

Louis XIV style and Chinese-inspired decoration, along with Oriental-style bamboo and lacquer furniture were popular. There was also a craze for all things Japanese in the form of vases, fans, and screens.

The Victorian style was extremely eclectic and every room in a Victorian house can be decorated in a different style. This is great for dolls houses because many different colour's, furniture and decorative items can be put together in a house letting you run wild with your creativity. While the dining room may be Elizabethan, the halls may be gothic and the living room Queen Anne.

The Victorian Doll House

The Victorian Doll House is probably one of the easiest to create as the style was so eclectic. As long as you stick to pieces that would have been around in this period you can mix as many different styles as you like together and they will look great. Another great thing about choosing this period is that most dolls house furniture is actually based on Victorian times so it will be very easy for you to find pieces to fill your doll house

When creating the dolls house itself you have several choices, you can buy a fully built dolls house, purchase a kit, or build a house from scratch from a plan. The most important thing is to look out for a house with the characteristic's of this period: decorative windows and doors, elegant facades and large rooms.

Here are a few of the best Victorian doll house kits I have found:

Available In The UK

This is a wonderful doll house for little girls and collectors. It is made in the UK to a very high standard. It has six large rooms inside, two per floor and a staircase in the center of the house. It is made of wood and is very sturdy. The house captures the essence of the Victorian cottage with a symetrical look, sash windows and a ornate porch. This house is actually very like an Historical Victorian cottage that you can visit at St Fagans Welsh Heritage Park. This doll house comes in a kit and is undecorated so you can add your own personal touch. It is easy to put together even for a novice.

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Available In The USA

The Garfield is the grand daddy of all doll houses. It is huge with ten large rooms, a secret tower chamber and seven roof peaks. It is a Victorian style house and has lots of detail like a balcony, bay windows, built in fireplaces, and a winding staircase. This house will take a long time to put together and I suggest you get this house as a project to do with your little girl rather than one that you get ready for her. It is only for nine year olds and over. This house retails at around $299.

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Available In The UK

This house is perfect for little girls. It has no big parts and is easy to put together. Reminiscent of a Victorian cottage this house has six large rooms inside and a working front door. It is very sturdy, made from thick MDF wood. The house comes as a kit and is very easy to put together, there are actually very few pieces to be fixed in place. It can also be a nice project to do as a family. This is one of the best value for money houses I have seen at under £55.

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Available In The USA

This house has lots of decorative detail throughout the interior and exterior. The outside of the house is papered in a beautiful pink colour with a checkerboard roof that is covered with real wooden tiles. The inside of the house is decorated with a tasteful blend of pastels & bright hues precisely painted--dainty flowers, graceful stripes, ceramic-looking tiles & wooden floors, and two staircases of beautiful mahogany. This house is extremely good value for money and you can also add lighting to the package.

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Now you know a little about the Georgian, Tudor, and Modern doll house information or if you've decided a Victorian house is right for you take a look at our section on how to choose a Victorian doll house.

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