Victorian House Kit

Haven House

Haven Victorian house is a wonderful six room dolls house which comes complete with two dormer windows and front porch. The house is made from precision cut high quality 9mm and 6mm MDF making it very strong and stable and suitable for children as well as adult collectors.

Specifically designed to be easy to put together the Haven comes in kit form and unpainted.

The MDF used to make the Haven not only makes it strong and stable but also gives it a perfectly smooth finish for painting.

Inside Haven House

The quality of this dolls house really is second to none and you will be surprised at how big it is.

The Haven has six large rooms and is very large. Although the house is the standard 1/12th scale the rooms are actually deeper and wider than those in an average sized dolls house allowing you to fill the house with more furniture. The six very large rooms give you enough room for a living room, dining room, bathroom two bedroom's and a nursery or playroom.

The Haven dolls house comes complete with two internal staircases that are fully constructed. There is also an add-on basement available.


Overall Size 700mm wide, 370mm deep, 680mm high

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