Vintage Barbie Clothes

Vintage Barbie clothes are still available to buy but you will also find that many Barbie clothes patterns have a very vintage look as they were designed years ago. You could create your own vintage style Barbie wardrobe.

Barbie clothes are quick and fairly easy to make so why not give it a go?

Take a look at these patterns:

Barbie Knitted Heart Dress

A simple dress for Barbie to wear on an evening out.

Click Here

Barbie Poodle Skit

50's style skirt with a poodle on the side.

Click Here

Swimming Costume

This is a simple knit bikini with sequins.

Click Here

Of course if you prefer to purchase Barbie clothes than make them yourself you will still find vintage clothes available. The best place to find them at a reasonable price is Ebay. To take a look .

For more Barbie items Click Vintage Barbie Clothes

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