Wood Doll House

A wood doll house is one of the best ways to encourage role play, storey telling and social skills in your little girl. She will have hours of fun making up scenario's and playiing them out in her doll house.

Making sure you get the right doll house for your little girl is very important. It needs to be suitable for her age, type of play and also fit in with you and your family.

Below we have reviewed several doll houses available for children. They are all wooden and very good quality, take a look to see which house suits you best.

These doll houses are available in the USA, for UK houses Click Here

The Lilly

The Lilly is a replica of a fashionable, grand Victorian house. It has seven large rooms and is a nice big doll house for your little girl. It has many fancy features like a full wrap around porch, a curved roof, ornamental trims and roof shingles. This house is not really suitable for young children and I would recommend it for girls nine years and over. This house will also comes in a kit and because of all the fancy pieces will take some time to put together. If you are looking for a project that you and your daughter can do together this is a good house to choose. This house retails at around $135 Click Here for more information

The Willow

The Willow is a classic colonial style wood doll house which is open at the back to give access to six large rooms. It has many authentic features like shutters and built in fire places. This house comes as an unpainted kit and is simple to put together. If you are planning on having this house built and painted ready for your little girl I would leave yourself a couple of weeks so you can do a bit at a time. This house doesn't have small pieces but I wouldn't recommend it for children under six years old. This is the type of dolls house your daughter can keep for life and pass on to her children so you don't want to give it to her when she's too young in case it gets damaged. This house retails at around $110. Click Here for more information


Barbie/Bratz Size Wooden Doll House

If your little girl wants a Barbie doll dream house you won’t find better than the Fashion Deluxe house by Kid Kraft. It is a wooden Barbie sized doll house and comes complete with 18 pieces of wooden furniture. The house is very solid and comes in a very girly pink and lilac colour. This house is huge and has six very spacious rooms for your little girl to play with. Wooden houses are far superior to the modern plastic doll houses and this house by Kid Kraft is one of the best with value for money and quality.
The furniture that accompanies the house includes bedroom, bathroom, kitchen and living room furniture so plenty for your little girl to play with. Just add Barbie dolls and you are ready to go. Click Here for more information


City Home with Furniture & Dolls

This is a wonderful inexpensive wood doll house to start your little girl off with. It is open plan and made completely of wood. It comes with all the furniture and dolls that you see here ready for play. This house also comes fully built so you don't need to put anything together yourself. It is compact so can be used as a travel toy if your little girl want's to take her doll house to her Gran's or to a friends. This house is superb value and usually retails at $80 including all furniture. Click Here for more information

The Glencroft

The Glencroft is a wonderful English Tudor style wood doll house . It has many ornate features like a picket fence, built in fireplaces, timbered exterior,window seat and a winding stair case. This dollhouse comes in a kit and is suitable for older children aged nine and above. This house is nice to do as a project with your little girl and will take a while to complete. This house retails at around $110 To find out more Click Wood Doll House

The Pierce

If you want a huge wood doll house at an unbeatable price then the Pierce could be the house for you. It is large, full of character and has a lot of features like Victorian trim, a secret tower chamber, winding staircase and a wrap around verandah. The Pierce has six large rooms and plenty of space for your little girl to play. It is suitable for nine year olds and over. This house retails at around $180 Click Here for more information

The Garfield

The Garfield is the grand daddy of all doll houses. It is huge with ten large rooms, a secret tower chamber and seven roof peaks. It is a Victorian style house and has lots of detail like a balcony, bay windows, built in fireplaces, and a winding staircase. This house will take a long time to put together and I suggest you get this house as a project to do with your little girl rather than one that you get ready for her. It is only for nine year olds and over. This house retails at around $299. Click Here for more information

Victorian Doll House

This is a classic Victorian style wood doll house for little girls aged three and above. It is made completely of plywood and comes unpainted. The windows of this house open and close which is a nice feature you don't usually get in children's houses. The house has five rooms to decorate and play with. This is the type of dolls house that can be played with from a young age but kept for life, it can be adapted with colour and decoration as your little girl grows. This house usually retails at around $160. Click Here for more information.

My First Doll House

As the name suggests this wood doll house is perfect for a little girls first doll house. The picture here actually shows the doll house and the basement the actual doll house is only the top two floors. This house is made completely of wood and is open plan with access from all sides. It is perfect for when more that one child plays together because there is lots of access to the rooms. The house has four rooms and a balcony. Your little girl can develop roleplay, story telling and social skills playing with this house. This house usually retails at around $55 and the basement at around $40. Click Here for more information

If you want more information on what you should be looking for in a childrens doll house Click Wood Doll House

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